Claudia began her love affair with Paris and her career in 1993 when she opened a shop in New York City's East Village. In  contrast to the dark neighborhood, it flowed with French boudoir furniture and accessories. She painted and repaired her flea market finds, reincarnating them into the sparkling treasures.

She was approached by Judith Regan to write a decorating book showcasing her style in 1995, and together they  published, ''The Paris Apartment, Romantic Decor on a Flea Market Budget'.   

Claudia  continues to grow the company  by combining a fresh and eclectic mix of vintage, French and Art Deco styles. The Paris Apartment was summed up when called "playful, romantic and luxurious interiors" .(NY Times)

Today Claudia  travels to Paris throughout the year, taking small groups shopping and sharing her resources. She's working on books and articles, designing the furniture line and pet decorating projects. 

Ultimately, at the The Paris Apartment, the mission is to deliver wonderful products that will become heirlooms and create rooms that will hold beautiful memories and reflect the individual's personal style.

Claudia is happy to exchange information and ideas and believes that everyone will have the home of their dreams no matter where or what size.

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